A magical view of the Eiffel tower from Hôtel La Demeure

An incomparable romantic setting

Hôtel La Demeure, part of Hôtel Paris 13, is the ideal destination for a romantic stay in Paris. The rooms, with their breathtaking views of the Eiffel tower, offer an intimate and enchanting setting, ideal for couples. The furnishings in each room combine modern comfort with Parisian charm, making every stay a memorable one.

Dive into the heart of the Latin Quarter

As a Quartier Latin hotel, Hôtel La Demeure is strategically located for exploring this historic district. Its lively streets, quaint bistros and famous bookshops are within easy reach, offering visitors an authentic glimpse of Parisian life.

Relaxation and well-being at the hotel spa

Our 4-star spa hotel in Paris invites you to relax with its luxurious wellness area. You can indulge in a hotel spa massage in Paris for a deeply relaxing experience.

Exceptional services for a memorable stay

As a Paris hotel with parkingHôtel La Demeure offers unparalleled comfort for travelers by car. What's more, our personalized services and warm hospitality guarantee an unrivalled stay in the French capital.

The Parisian gastronomic experience

Every morning, our hotel offers a sumptuous breakfast, the perfect way to start a romantic afternoon in Paris. Discover local and international flavors in elegant, welcoming surroundings.

An unforgettable stay at Hôtel La Demeure

When you choose Hôtel La Demeure, you're opting for a stay in a romantic hotel in Paris. Our promise is to offer you an authentic and luxurious Parisian experience, marked by a spectacular view of the Eiffel tower.

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